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Police Kill 4 Al-Shabab Suspected Terrorists in Raid

Suleiman Awahd (pictured bottom row, second from right)



Malindi OCPD Matawa Muchangi displays items recovered from a house rented by four Al-Shabaab suspects killed by police on January 20, 2016. Among them was Suleiman Mohammed Awadh, who was on a police most-wanted list. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Kenyan police killed four most-wanted terrorists Wednesday and discovered a map indicating future al-Shabab attacks, reports Kenya’s Daily Nation.

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When officers located the hideout of the armed suspects in the coastal town of Malindi, a 10-minute shootout ensued, with one of the suspects reportedly throwing a hand grenade at the officers.

Suleiman Awahd

Suleiman Awadh (pictured bottom row, second from right)

While between two and three suspects got away with “severe gunshot wounds,” four suspects who are on the most-wanted list for terrorists were killed, including Suleiman Mohammed Awadh (pictured) and Issa Ali.

The other two suspects’ bodies are yet to be identified.

Awadh, whose body was identified by his mother, had a $20,000 bounty on his head for allegedly being involved in last year’s grisly Garissa University College attack as well as a number of attacks in 2014 in Mpeketoni, another coastal town.

Ali was also identified by relatives.

In addition, police uncovered a number of key items after the shootout.

The Daily Nation reports:

Inside the house, police found five hand grenades, a Beretta pistol with nine rounds of ammunition, phones with several SIM cards and ID cards suspected to have been used to register the SIM cards.

The most important find, though, included a map that showed that a park and a supermarket, both located in popular tourist areas, were al-Shabab’s next targets.

Another telling find was a letter — likely to al-Shabab — requesting financial support.

Al-Shabab, who are linked to the infamous al-Qaeda, made headlines Friday, when they attacked a Kenyan army base in Somalia, killing more than 100 soldiers.

And while the Kenyan military rejects the number of casualties claimed by al-Shabab, it is yet to provide their official number.

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