Interesting superstitions people in Seychelles swear by

Ama Nunoo November 19, 2020
Most cultures have superstitions about black cats. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Seychelles is an archipelagic nation with over 160 islands, located northeast of Madagascar. It is one of the most religious countries in the world with about 90 percent of its people being Catholics. Nonetheless, many citizens are extremely superstitious.

In fact, the island nation’s culture is steeped in mysteries and stories that are usually passed on from one generation to another.

History has it that Black magic and herbalism, referred to as Gris-Gris, was introduced to the Seychellois through the African and Malagasy slaves. In 1958, all forms of Black magic such as fortune-telling, sorcery and carrying around amulets and charms, were banned in Seychelles.

However, superstitions continue to be a big part of the day to day activities of the locals. Below are some popular superstitions in Seychelles.

Keeping children in check

It is bad luck if you whistle in the house.

Do not play with fire lest you wet your bed at night.

Do not sweep the home after 6 pm, otherwise, you will sweep your money away.


Dreaming continuously about fishing means good luck is coming your way.

Dreaming about a pregnant woman means you will have a run-in with the police.

When you are eating fruits in your dreams, it means a family member is pregnant.

Table manners

Do not eat directly from the pot when you are single otherwise it will rain on your wedding day.

When you drop a fork at dinner, it means you are about to receive a male visitor.

When you drop a spoon at dinner, it means you are about to receive a female visitor.


Plant Bwa Malagash, the Creole for Bois malgache, at the four corners of your house to protect yourself from bad spells and prevent ghosts from entering your house.

Having a tattoo of a dot on your ankle and shoulder protects you from bad luck.

When you have tetanus, a white cockroach can save your life.


Hearing the cry of a Seychelles kestrel at night in your house implies a relative will die soon.

When a snake crosses your path, it connotes a bad omen.

A long howl from a dog means someone in the neighborhood will die soon.

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