Ivorian Born Hollywood Actor Bambadjan Bamba Asks You To Join Him In Bringing The African Story To Hollywood.

Sandra Appiah October 10, 2011


Our Story

PAPA Is a coming of age drama about an African family adjusting to life in the United States. Papa is the stern king who runs his household the traditional African way and upholds the law. Maman is the nurturing figure but she spends most of her time at work. Ali is the oldest of the kids and enjoys all the first born privileges. Bebe is the baby of the family so she's free to do whatever she likes and Pepe is the middle child who feels forgotten in between. In a house full of rules where no one is free to express themselves, Pepe challenges the status quo and forces Papa to reconsider his ways.

We decided to launch this campaign because we believe that the theme of PAPA "Love without the action that expresses it is dead" is a universal human truth that we can all identify with and that can impact all relationships for the better.

My name is Bambadjan Bamba, I am the writer and director of PAPA. I'm a founding member of the Sacred Drum Company, our goal is to Enlighten, Educate and Entertain our audiences with original stories that are socially relevant with a concentration on the African experience.

The Goal

To make this short film so that we could secure funding for the feature film version that is already in the writing process. The feature film will deal with the experience of an African child that doesn't speak English and is put in a Spanish ESL class in Harlem in the 90's. We believe that this film will be special because the unique experience of growing up in America from an African child's perspective has never been told before.

The Impact

This story is based on the event that marked the pivotal point in my life when my relationship with my father changed from general/soldier to father/son and kept growing from that point on. Raising the funds necessary will allow us to do this story justice and share its message with a broad range of audience who would be inspired to express their affectionate feelings to others, especially children.

What We Need

We need $10000. That will insure that every key crew member gets paid a little something for their hard work because we believe that free labor ends up being more expensive down the line.  It will also cover the equipment that would be needed during production and the services that would be required to finish post production.

Budget Items Breakdown:
• Crew
• Cast
• Camera Equipment
• Lighting Equipment
• Sound Equipment
• Music
• Craft Services
• Wardrobe
• Production Design
• Locations
• Post-Production
• Publicity/Marketing Costs

What You Get

A number of really cool rewards including SKYPE conversation with Actor Souleyman Sy Savave, An opportunity to be an EXTRA in the film, Associate Producer Credit, 1 REWARD for DINNER WITH CAST + DIRECTOR + SACRED DRUM COMPANY and MORE

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you're not able to pledge please help us spread the word through social media by sharing this link and telling your friends because it will go a long way. God Bless

Cast and Crew

Produced by the Sacred Drum Company

Director: Bambadjan Bamba

Co-Producer: Ashley Ellis

Director of Photography: Dru Mungai

Papa: Souleyman Sy Savane

Maman: Ganohon A. Bamba

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you're not able to pledge please help us spread the word through social media by sharing this link and telling your friends because it will go a long way.

We do not have any other funding sources and if we are not able to raise the total money we need, we will use what we are able to raise for the production and we will launch another campaign for the post production in order to complete the project.

God Bless

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