Kennedy O’Neal, the 7-year-old who uses rap music to teach financial responsibility

Theodora Aidoo January 06, 2020
7-Year old author releases debut single teaching Financial Responsibility - Pic Credit:

Kennedy O’Neal otherwise known as ‘Super Kennedy’ is a seven-year-old girl, who is an author. She is also a rapper on a mission to teach kids and adults about financial responsibility.

O’Neal’s debut single titled “PiggyBank” was released on January 1, 2020.

“I had so much fun recording it,” she said.

She added: “At first, I was a little nervous about recording, but my dad gave me the boost that I needed. I would tap on the microphone because I couldn’t believe my voice was being recorded. It is an unbelievable feeling.”

Her new single goes thus: “Hundred dollars? Thanks. I’ma put that in my bank. When I go check my account, I don’t want that to be blank. No, I don’t want to go broke. I want my piggy to the bank. This little piggy’s not broke. This little piggy went right to the bank.

“Pay what you owe on time. You don’t want 50 to getcha. I play and I work, and I work and I play.”

O’Neal started learning about money and the importance of saving at a young age from her parents. Even though she’s only a kid, O’Neal already understands the process of investing as well as flipping and renting properties for profit.

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At just five years old, she learned from her dad who is a realtor and an investor on how to begin saving money. She started with a Piggy Bank.

She accompanies her dad when he shows houses to clients. He also takes her with him to the bank when he makes deposits from the rental properties and in return, he gives her a few dollars for being patient and respectful as he shows houses.

The money she earns from her dad goes into her Piggy Bank along with the money she receives for her birthday, holidays, the Tooth Fairy, and her allowance for chores.

The little girl also earns money by helping her baby brother. Once the Piggy Bank is full, her dad takes her to the bank to make a deposit in her own account.

She intends to teach kids about becoming financially responsible through her song which she’s conveying in a fun and creative way. “I really want kids to save money! It’s cool to get toys and stuff, but you have to save to get ahead. Toys break, but money can grow,” O’Neal explained.

She isn’t stopping at a single, she’s working on an album to accompany the single. O’Neal stated she is inspired by Beyonce and JoJo. She helped write and produce her new song along with her dad, Tae Giovanni, DJ Chub, James Wood and Glenn Schick Mastering.

She said her videographer is Tawaan Brown. She looks forward to Ellen DeGeneres hearing her song and hosting her on her show.

O’Neal enjoys taking part in projects that teaches kids about money. In July 2018, she appeared on Good Morning America to promote her debut book titled, “The Adventures of Super Kennedy: Saving and Investing.”

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The young girl isn’t just about teaching financial responsibility in a fun, entertaining way, she wants to help people, especially Africans.

“I really like the idea of helping people. My goal is to help the people in Africa by giving them clean water. It’s so important to me!” O’Neal said, adding that missionaries come to her school and talk about their travels, and she really wants to help the people in Africa.

Watch Kennedy’s O’Neal’s single here:

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