Lack of toilet paper unites Kenyan MPs in parliament

Mildred Europa Taylor February 23, 2018
Kenyan parliament ---

At a time when Kenyans are looking up to their members of parliament to satisfy their pressing needs, these lawmakers have rather chosen to dedicate much of their time in parliament to discuss what they find more demanding – the lack of toilet paper in their offices.

The lawmakers from both the Jubilee and NASA side showed unity during a debate on Wednesday about the poor state of facilities in parliament which they say do not befit their status, Nairobi News reported.

Apart from the lack of toilet paper, the parliamentarians also complained about the catering department, asking it to improve its cooking skills.

These debates came up when the legislators were approving names of members of the committee on services and facilities formerly known as the catering committee.

Minority Leader of the House, John Mbadi said there is also the shortage of water in the washrooms, making it difficult for them to practice personal hygiene.

“You cannot tell me that a parliament where legislators of a country stay you cannot have toilet paper that at one point you go to the washrooms and there are no toilet papers,” he was quoted by Nairobi News.

The legislator went on to complain that the food they buy is too expensive, apart from it being of low quality.

“We actually pay for this food. It is not free but the price does not match the quality. We are even made to queue like primary school children,” he added.

Little milk in teas

Minority Whip and Suna East MP Junet Mohammed said: “Mr Speaker, the type of tea that is offered here has very little milk and it looks like that offered during funerals.”

Nambale MP Sakwa Bunya argued that parliament does not need cooks but chefs who can prepare proper meals.

How citizens responded

Kenyans have since hit hard at their MPs for thinking about their welfare at the expense of their constituents. Some have advised the legislators to carry their own toilet paper to parliament if not enthused with the facilities they have in the House.

Lewy Munene commented on Nairobi news; “This guy’s debating Toilet papers yet their constituents have no access to clean water and other amenities. Some of Our legislators are greedy if not stupid.”

Peter Githogori added; “They can use pumpkin leaves instead, why wastage of our resources.”

Jared Caleb commented on Nairobi News; “After being paid their hefty salaries… where money come from to buy their tp. Let them buy such small items for themselves.”

Watch the video below of the MPs debating the issue in the House and tell us what you think:

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