BY Farida Dawkins, 4:05pm February 22, 2018,

94-year-old Mugabe turns down birthday bash for the first time in many years

Latest picture of Mugabe and his wife taken by the Chairperson of the African Union Commission after a visit in February

Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe turned 94-years-old yesterday.  Instead of celebrating in grand fashion as he and his family have for previous birthdays, Mugabe decided to spend time with close family and friends only.

This concept wouldn’t be too far-fetched except; the bash was offered by the Zanu PF Youth – the same political party that ousted him out of power in November 2017. The Zimbabwe National Army instigated an overthrow of his regime by placing Mugabe under house arrest for the crimes committed by individuals in his circle.

Mugabe was given the ultimatum to either resign by November 20th or face impeachment; he chose the former. Mugabe had been president of Zimbabwe since December 31, 1987, making his reign 30 years long.

According to Newsday, a close family friend revealed: “He wants to be with his family and those who love him genuinely and not those who want to abuse his name for political gains, the family would want to hold the birthday party for our old man, as a private event. But critically, what business does the party have for a man they removed in the manner they did?”

This is definitely a reason for Mugabe to feel salty and decline the Zanu-PF’s offer.

Zanu-PF’s youth secretary understood Mugabe’s ill feelings and commented: “We are only celebrating Robert Mugabe Youth Day. As for a birthday celebration, it’s a private function, which is confidential for me to give you a programme.”

Hard feelings are definitely in order here.

Though his administration ended in less than favorable circumstances, Mugabe walked away with diplomacy status, a house, 20 staff members, and personal vehicles amongst other luxuries.

Seems like he had an awesome birthday regardless.

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