Las Vegas woman killed her two daughters and said their ‘organs were worth a lot of money’ – Police

Francis Akhalbey November 13, 2020
Amanda Sharp-Jefferson said her daughters' organs "were worth a lot of money" after killing them, according to the father of the victims. -- Photo Credit: LVMPD

A 26-year-old Las Vegas woman has been charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of her two infant daughters. According to Fox 5 News, the father of the girls, Jaykwon Singleton, found the bodies of one-year-old Rose and two-month-old Lily, piled on top of each other in a bassinet in their apartment on November 6.

He had just returned home from a visit to his grandmother the previous night.

During his 911 call to report the incident, Singleton told the police he suspected their mother, Amanda Sharp-Jefferson, had drowned the two girls, saying: “She drowned them…I feel like their mom drowned them or something.” The police also said they heard Singleton asking Sharp-Jefferson what had happened during the 911 call.

After finding the girls in the bassinet, Singleton told the police he asked the accused why she had piled the girls up, to which she “shushed” him. When he went closer to check on them, he realized they were cold and unresponsive. Police said Sharp-Jefferson also spoke about how valuable the girls’ organs could be.

“[Sharp-Jefferson] kept shushing him and at one point, made a statement that their organs were worth a lot of money,” the report obtained by Fox 5 News said.

The girls were pronounced dead at the scene after paramedics arrived, and Sharp-Jefferson was again reportedly heard re-emphasizing the monetary value of the children’s organs at another point. She denied being the mother of the children and claimed she did not know who Singleton was in her statement to the police after her arrest, adding that she lived alone in the apartment and was set up.

Sharp-Jefferson also told the police she found the victims in her living room after waking up that morning, and someone must have put their bodies there to implicate her for their deaths. She also alleged someone must have planted children’s things in the apartment in an effort to “set her up for the death of the two children, who were not hers.”

Asked about her comments regarding the girls’ organs being worth a lot of money, Sharp-Jefferson said she got to know about its value after seeing a movie where “people made money on body parts after a person died,” the report obtained by Fox 5 News said.

Singleton told the police he had been dating Sharp-Jefferson since 2018 and they did not have any issues until a few weeks back when she accused him of cheating on her “with his spirit wife.” He also said he did not notice anything suspicious before leaving the apartment to visit his grandmother the night before the double murder.

Court documents show Sharp-Jefferson was denied bail on November 7 at a court hearing, Fox 5 News reported. Her next court date was scheduled for November 10.

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