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Renarda Joy November 18, 2014

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Well hello Beauties!

If there’s one thing for sure I’m fascinated with it’s definitely make-up! I find it to be eye candy from eye shadows, lipsticks, mascara, even the brushes and various tools used to apply make-up.

As beauty is a celebration of self and as the end of the year is approaching many of you will be attending festivities and holiday parties. We want to make sure you got your make-up arsenal ready and set to make your beauty marks! In the upcoming weeks we’ve got you covered from head to toe.

First up is eyeliner! Yes, 080109-eyeliner-for-oily-lidseyeliner really does define your peepers and can have a dramatic effect depending on the intensity of your line. When choosing eyeliner it’s like any other make-up products there’s plenty of options. You can choose the color, the texture, or the mode of application you want.

When it comes to colors there’s so many options, you can go for a midnight black, teal green or a cobalt blue to give your eyes a POP of color. I recently tried Tyra’s Bank’s Tyra Beauty Oops Liner in Black Black Black and it was awwwmazing! I loved the longevity it provided along with the pen applicator making it easier for me to control.


For those of you that love pencil eyeliners, you’re not alone, so do I. Because they can be thick and smooth pencils are great for a smudge look. To create a smudge look simply use the tips of your fingers, a q-tip or a smudge brush. My favorite eyeliner pencil is by Urban Decay, 24/7 Glide-On.


Not only is it one of the creamiest but its long lasting and comes in lots of hues from tropical colors to metallic. Keep in mind metallics are in for the fall season so now is the perfect time to try them out. Beauty tip: To prevent a makeup pencil from reaching the breaking point when you sharpen it, try freezing it 30 min prior to use. This makes the tip less apt to crumble allowing a smoother line.

Lastly, I can’t forget those of us that are little Picasso’s. There’s MAC Fluidline, which is gel eyeliner. The texture is smooth and easy to work with but be careful not to leave the top off too long as the gel can become stiff and hard. To apply gel, I use a small macsemi-hard angle brush and glide the gel to my lids making a straight line or a nice winged line. Let’s say you’ve been asked to hang out after work or decided to go on that last minute dinner date and you don’t have your favorite eyeliner but you have an eye shadow pallete – voila you’re back in business! You can use any powdered eye shadow mixed with a few drops of water and an eyeliner brush. This won’t have the same long-lasting effects as traditional eyeliner, but it is a cheap and an easy alternative and it may get you that second date!

I hope you feel comfortable picking out your next eyeliner as you’re getting your make-up arsenal together for the season. Next week we’ll add another item to your bag of tricks.

If you have a product that you’d like for me try and review or if you have a question please send me a beauty note at

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Last Edited by:Sandra Appiah Updated: March 25, 2016


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