Meet Callie Terrell, the 101-year-old stylist who has beautified clients for 75 years

Michael Eli Dokosi December 03, 2019
Callie Terrell working the hair of a client via

Some get into their jobs out of necessity but for some people, it’s the passion which fuels their determination to come to work.

Callie Terrell has proven that as a practicing cosmetologist for 75 years she truly cares about styling the hair of her clients.

Now at 101, the oldest working beautician in Tennessee knows no stopping.

On how it all began, she stated: “I work because this is what I’ve enjoyed doing all my life from a little girl. I always loved messing with my sister’s hair. They had beautiful hair and I always enjoyed doing this.”

She told WREG: “Well, I can’t describe it. I’m thankful I’m physically able to do some of the things I used to do,” adding, “I guess it’s not a lot of 101-year-old people in Memphis still working because they say, ‘Still working?’ Well, I’m still alive.”

Meet Callie Terrell, the 101-year-old stylist who has beautified clients for 75 years
Callie Terrell via

Ms. Terrell had planned retiring on her 100th birthday but it does appear she has enough gas in the tank to last a few more months or years.

“Well if you don’t use it, you lose it and people want me to work on them and they pay me, so why not do it,” she stated.

She further noted: “I guess my secret is just working and keeping busy because that’s what I’ve done.”

She added: “I had a very successful business and what I do, I enjoy doing.”

Longevity isn’t given in the great-grandmother’s family as she’s outlived her siblings and parents.

Of her message to young fellas, Madam Terrell noted: “Just do the right thing. What I mean is, you may be a church person. You believe in the Bible? Just live it. Love people. Regardless of who they are. If they don’t love you in return it doesn’t matter.”

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