Get Fabulous Nails for the Summer

Diarrha Ndiaye May 26, 2011

Spring has come and almost gone, and with summer nearly upon us, what other better time would there be to challenge ourselves with bold, daring and vivacious summer nail trends? Explore the different ways to electrify your nail regimen!

Get Fabulous Nails for the SummerJust last summer, I was introduced to a brilliant new innovation called Minx nails, which is anything but an ordinary manicure. Minx allows clients to choose from a series of pre–made eccentric patterns, unique metallic designs, and extraordinary picture designs like Solange’s popular “Obama” Nails. Minx essentially is a nail sticker that is applied and removed with heat applications. The process ranges from 45 minutes to an hour-long session. The manicure is said to last a minimum of three weeks without chipping! Sounds wonderful, right?

Minx nail applications are restricted to licensed professional salons and prices range from $60 to $120. now allows non–professional consumers to purchase kits for as low as $40. Though it is quite pricey, it’s a creative and eccentric way to spruce your summer time routine.
Many beauty companies such as Sally, O.P.I and Sephora have created replicas at lower price points available to fashionistas because of the exciting buzz generated by Minx nails. O.P.I , specifically, has manufactured do it yourself kits that do not require heat and big bucks; only scissors and a nail file, which making this look achievable at an affordable rate.

Get Fabulous Nails for the Summer

Another recent nail craze has been gel manicures, an alternative to the damaging application of acrylic nails. Gel manicures leave your nails impeccably polished for up to two weeks. Instead of nail polishes, gel manicures apply a colored lacquer coating over the nail that would dry under a UV light. Once dried, the color will not smudge or budge until its removal process. Gel Manicures usually range from $30 to $45. They are more accessible then Minx nails, since professionals do not need to be certified to perform this service. It has been said that one and every three salons in New York City perform this service. As its popularity increases, I am sure its accessibility will continue to expand.

Get Fabulous Nails for the SummerSimilar in fashion, CND Shellac is another beauty regimen that combines the convenience of a nail polish with the results of a gel manicure. Shellac is the newest craze that allows clients to have glossy, chip–free manicures that removes within ten minutes. Shellac is predicted to be a trend that will continue to grow exponentially– given its unmatchable and exciting results. CND has produced Shellac in about 25 sophisticated colors but its application would require both a top and base coat along with the UV lamplight to complete the desirable glossy finish. Not only is this trending nail application fabulous, but it is also quite affordable. Prices range from $25 to $45, depending on location. I will be sure to try this new phenomenon this summer!

The most recent fabulous and fashionable nail craze actually comes in a simple nail polish: Shatter by O.P.I and Crackle by China Glaze. Both nail polishes are reintroduced innovations that creatively allow nail beauticians to create a shattered pattern with two different nail polishes. A base color of choice is selected and a magically formulated nail polish cover is applied and slowly cracks before your eyes! This trend was said to have been in vogue during the eighties but somehow resurfaced to the mass market recently.

Most of the hysteria associated with the Shatter and Crackle polishes is the actual process of the weirdly formulated shatter polish. Its magical anticipation makes the process fun and quite apt for the season. For the entire month of April, the nail polish was sold out of local stores and available exclusively online. This should speak volumes of its popularity.

Amongst the many things changing with the season, nail regimens will not be excluded. With new technology, we are able to brighten our daily routines in light of the vivacious summer ahead. From Minx to Shellac we will be fabulous 24/7 and make each day full of vivid memories. Summertime is the chance to explore, and to be daring. And beauty routines are no different.

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