Meet the gynecologist behind the all-natural laundry detergent reducing yeast infections in women

Mildred Europa Taylor October 09, 2019
Tasha Rogers has created an all-natural laundry detergent to reduce yeast infections for women

As an obstetrician and a gynecologist, Tosha Rogers has received numerous complaints of bacteria and yeast infection from her female patients.

The Atlanta-based woman suddenly realized that the issue is from women’s underwear. Of course, women do clean their panties, but Rogers says detergents available in the market do not really remove the build-up of bacteria, yeast, mold, and blood in panties.

To remedy the situation, Rogers, who also owns Atlanta Premier OB/GYN Associates, recently developed a laundry detergent specifically for women’s underwear — Clean and Cute Panty Wash.

“It’s the only detergent designed specifically for women’s panties. It’s all-natural, nonGMO, sulfate-free, paraben-free, vegan, animal cruelty-free and perfume free. It smells of lemongrass, which is the essential oil that’s added,” Rogers told Rolling Out.

Unlike most detergents, Rogers said her product “rids the panties of bacteria (vaginitis), yeast, blood, and mold. Mold develops when we remove our panties and leave them in the hamper until the next laundry day. The moisture grows the mold. Standard detergents are not designed to specifically clean these things. It will just continue to grow in the cotton crotch of the panties.”

Providing healthcare to women of all ages under her Atlanta Premier OB/GYN Associates, Rogers received her B.S. in chemistry from Drexel University and her D.O. from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

She did her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Drexel University College of Medicine at Hahnemann University Hospital, according to Rolling Out.

Her product is aimed at bringing relief to the many women out there who have this extremely delicate, distressing, and embarrassing issue.

Itchy and uncomfortable, vaginal yeast infections are very common in women. It’s estimated that 75% of women will have at least one yeast infection in their lifetime.

“The vagina normally contains a healthy balance of bacteria and yeast. The hormone estrogen helps bacteria called lactobacilli to grow. These bacteria kill harmful organisms in the vagina and keep you healthy. But when something happens to tip that balance, a fungus called candida can grow out of control and cause a yeast infection,” explains WebMD.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infections include burning, redness, and swelling of the vagina and the vulva; pain during sex or when one pees, and a thick, white, odorless discharge.

Rogers has been sharing some tips on how women can improve their hygiene.

“Panties have a 6-9-month shelf life. Never keep your panties for more than a year. That’s why they are only $5. Your panties and bras should be washed in a load alone, not with outside clothes or anything else. All dirt is not equal. Less is more when it comes to bathing. Please use soap ladies, but no bubble bath, no body wash, no perfumed soap, no deodorant soap, no wipes, and no feminine wash.

“Please stop inserting things into your vagina because you can’t be sure of how your vagina will respond. I’ve heard about coconut oil, garlic cloves, beads of some sort, etc. The vagina is a mucous membrane and contact with it is a direct route into the bloodstream. Everything that’s “natural” is not always good.

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