Michelle Obama says she ate the same breakfast every morning, reveals surprising facts about her diet

Stephen Nartey August 17, 2023
Michelle Obama/Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Former First Lady Michelle Obama may now be open to a variety of breakfasts but growing up, she ate peanut butter and jelly for breakfast every day until college due to her picky eating habits. Obama made this known during the first episode of Your Mama’s Kitchen, an Audible podcast hosted by journalist Michele Norris.

The former first lady mentioned that she and her brother had different preferences, as he enjoyed breakfast food while she did not. “I was kind of a picky eater. I didn’t like any breakfast-anything. And my brother, who ate breakfast all the time, thought I was crazy,” she said. “We had big breakfasts because my brother, he was a growing athlete. So it was everything — cereal followed by scrambled or fried eggs followed by lots of toast and bacon and link sausage. So breakfast was big.”

Obama expressed her dislike for breakfast food, contrasting herself with her family members who enjoyed it. Despite this, her mother allowed her to have the unconventional breakfast of peanut butter and jelly, as it met her nutritional needs.

Obama considered her peanut butter and jelly breakfast a concession to her mother, as it contained protein and healthy fats from peanuts. She questioned the difference between having it in sandwich form versus on toast.

To make this classic combo healthier, experts suggest using low-sugar jelly or opting for alternatives like bananas. Obama, although previously relying on this sandwich, no longer finds the same desire to enjoy it as a meal.

She revealed that she consumed peanut butter and jelly so frequently that she eventually lost interest in it. Her daughter’s peanut allergy further discouraged her from eating it. Consequently, her breakfast preferences have broadened to include a wider variety of options, such as eggs Benedict and various egg dishes.

Obama, once a picky eater herself, has dedicated years to advocating for healthier food choices among children. Her efforts include the 2010 “Let’s Move” initiative aimed at combating childhood obesity through promoting healthy eating. She has also launched PLEZi Nutrition, a company focused on providing nutritious food and drinks for kids.

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