Mixed reactions as Kenyan presidential aspirant promises to legalize marijuana if elected

Francis Akhalbey February 02, 2022
Kenyan presidential aspirant Prof. George Wajackoyah has promised to legalize marijuana if he's wins the elections -- Photo via Twitter

Prof. George Wajackoyah, a presidential aspirant for the Roots Party of Kenya, has promised to legalize marijuana in the East African nation if he emerges victorious in the country’s presidential elections in August.

According to The Standard, Prof. Wajackoyah said the stigma associated with smoking marijuana was perpetuated by colonialists as they made it illegal and rather marketed their whiskeys and narcotics as the better alternative.

“I will decriminalize it, have it grown here for export and the proceeds will benefit Kenyans,” he said in a television interview. “Africans were fooled to shun smoking marijuana yet the colonialists lied that their whiskeys and cigarettes with nicotine are way much better. This was for self-interest.”

Prof. Wajackoyah also revealed that though he doesn’t use the herb, his son does. And he argued that should not form any basis for having any issues with his son.

“Why would I punish my son or kick him out because he is a smoker yet we have corrupt leaders, fraudsters and thieves amongst us? I’ll be the first President in Africa to legalize and export the drug. Let’s face reality, marijuana by-products are very resourceful,” he said.

“We can derive medicinal purposes, soap production and many others.”

The interview, which reportedly went viral on social media, drew divided opinions. While a section of people said he had their vote with his peculiar campaign promise, others begged to differ.

“Looks like I will be voting for the first time this year,” a user said, per The Standard.

“You have millions of votes Sir,” another user said.

A different user also asked if Prof. Wajackoyah could be “sworn in already”, while another user said, “We all know he can’t be the 5th President lol.”

In May last year, Face2Face Africa reported the Ras Tafari Society of Kenya (RSK) and another petitioner had filed a petition at the High Court of Kenya seeking the legalization of marijuana for spiritual as well as medicinal purposes. According to local news outlet Nation, the petitioners also want the court to order authorities to stop apprehending and prosecuting Rastafarians over the use of the drug.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: February 2, 2022


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