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BY Francis Akhalbey, 9:00am May 21, 2021,

New book says Obama labeled Trump a ‘corrupt motherf—er’ and a ‘racist, sexist pig’

A new book claims Barack Obama called Donald Trump “madman”, and “racist, sexist pig” -- Left Photo Credit: White House | Right Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Though Donald Trump has never hidden his animosity towards Barack Obama by calling him out publicly on several occasions, the first Black president of the United States has usually taken the high road as his method of response.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, however, Obama made it known he could equally come after Trump by adopting a no-holds-barred approach.

It also appears that behind closed doors, the 44th president of the United States had a few words to describe his successor. According to Atlantic staff writer Edward-Isaac Dovere in his new book Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Donald Trump, Obama described Trump as a “madman”, a “racist, sexist pig”, “that f**king lunatic” and a “corrupt motherf***er”, The Guardian reported. The book, which will hit the shelves next week, was obtained by the news outlet.

In the book, Dovere states that Obama had initially preferred the idea of Trump assuming the presidency to Ted Cruz as he believed Trump wasn’t as smart as the Texas Senator. Obama, however, had a change of mind from 2017 when Trump’s antics as president dawned on him.

“He’s a madman,” Dovere wrote of Obama describing Trump to “big donors looking to squeeze a reaction out of him in exchange for the big checks they were writing to his foundation.”

“More often: ‘I didn’t think it would be this bad.’ Sometimes: ‘I didn’t think we’d have a racist, sexist pig.’ Depending on the outrage of the day … a passing ‘that fucking lunatic’ with a shake of his head,” Dovere wrote.

Dovere also wrote that Obama’s most scathing rebuke of Trump came during the probe of Russian interference in the 2020 election and Trump’s ties to Moscow, The Guardian reported. It was also reported Trump was having conversations with Vladimir Putin and other foreign leaders without the assistance of aides on the call.

“‘That corrupt motherf**ker,’ he remarked.”

It is being reported Obama’s alleged comments would likely trigger an angry response from Trump.

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