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New TV series Black Lightning showcases first African American superhero

Cover of Black Lightning TV series

The network CW has begun airing Black Lightning, a show about the first African American superhero formed by DC Comics.  The premise of the story is that Black Lightning a.k.a Jefferson Pierce is a former crime fighter who goes into retirement after his family suffers the negative effects of crime-fighting.

However, Black Lightning is lured back to the exciting life of a superhero after the eruption of gang life in his neighborhood.  Pierce has been able to hide his powers all in an attempt to live an ordinary life but duty calls and Black Lightning is up for the job.

New TV series Black Lightning showcases first African American superhero

In the middle is Cress Williams playing Black Lightning, left: Nafessa Williams playing Anissa Pierce (Thunder) right: China Anne Mclain playing Jennifer Pierce (Lightning)…Photo credit: DC TV Podcasts

The series was formed by Salam Akil and Mara Brock Akil; responsible for creating shows like Being Mary Jane, The Game, and Girlfriends. 

Pierce, along with his daughters Thunder and Lightning are metahumans which are a fictional subspecies of humans born with special powers. Thunder can expound her body and can create shockwaves by stomping the ground. Lightning can generate electricity and manipulate appliances, however, isn’t in full control of her powers.

Thunder and Lightning are both banned from using their powers until they complete their studies – a rule instituted by their father for their protection.

Black Lightning is an electrical powerhouse in that he can emit powerful lightning bolts capable of killing, ionize the air which can generate thunderstorms in centralized areas, and his punches pack a heavy dose of lightning as well.

This gives Black power a whole other meaning.

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