Nigeria: Viral street hawker who quit school to take care of his family wins full scholarship 

Dollita Okine February 02, 2024
Many people were drawn to Chibueze's personality and marketing skills, and his videos quickly went viral. Photo via: TikTok/TheGuardian

Nigerian boy Chibueze Morris Nwabueze, better known as the “Extraordinary Marketer,” lost his father via contracted assassins. After his family was compelled to move from northern Nigeria to Abia State in South East Nigeria, Chibueze, who was still a young child, was forced to take on the role of a provider.

To make matters worse, Chibueze’s mother suffered a stroke and was no longer able to work, leaving him as the sole provider. The young trailblazer had to leave school to start the difficult journey of making ends meet by selling fruits, crayfish, and other items on the streets, according to The Guardian.

Becoming known as the “Extraordinary Marketer”, many people were drawn to Chibueze’s personality and marketing skills while selling his items on the streets, and his videos quickly went viral. 

His tale caught the attention of Godswill Nwankwo, the founder of the Godswill Nwankwo Foundation, who awarded the young entrepreneur a complete scholarship to cater to his education, allowing him to pursue his academic goals without financial restraints.

The Godswill Nwankwo Foundation is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization (NGO) with headquarters in the United States and a branch in Nigeria

According to their website, the group is committed to giving community empowerment, educational development, social and economic welfare, and entrepreneurial development to individuals and enterprises.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: February 2, 2024


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