Nigerian man causes stir after ordering helicopter to escape 2-hour Lagos traffic [Video]

This story has since been updated here. How often do you get to see a helicopter? For me, the last time I came across one of these machines was quite recently at the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos after a quick visit from Accra to see my family.

Two days after my trip, social media went haywire after a Nigerian man now believed to be a billionaire placed a call during a traffic gridlock on the Lagos-Benin expressway and in a short moment, there was a helicopter in the middle of the road to pick him up.

Yes, billionaire Julian Osula ordered for a helicopter after spending over two hours in traffic!!!

Julian Osula

As usual, social media jumped on this singular act of what you might call “legendary” to react to the novel act in the video below:

There were mixed reactions to the video as a lot of people felt it was a mere display of arrogance while others believed they would have done the same given the circumstance.


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