BY Farida Dawkins, 3:00pm September 24, 2018,

Not only are the pyramids spectacular, check out Egypt’s beautiful beach towns

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When one envisions Egypt, they may think about sand, dry air and pyramids.

The Northeastern African country is chockful of history as it is considered the bedrock of civilization.  The early signs of mathematics, reading and lettering systems are derived from Egypt.

And let us not forget to mention the artifacts.  The Great Sphinx and the ruins of Memphis and Thebes to name a few house scientific jewels – one being the process of mummification.

Now that there has been a discovery of what is being thought of as the second largest Sphinx – which is a lion’s head imposed on a human body – further knowledge about the country will be explored.

Nevertheless, there are numerous beaches at coastal towns to marvel in when visiting the historic African country.

Here are 5 of Egypt’s beach towns:

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