Nurse who tried to help Takeoff speaks

Francis Akhalbey November 07, 2022
Takeoff -- Photo via @yrntakeoff on Instagram

The nurse who tried to help Takeoff after he was fatally shot recently opened up about what she witnessed and why she decided to respond to the scene. As previously reported by Face2Face Africa, the Migos band member was shot and killed at a bowling alley in Houston on November 1. 

In an interview with KHOU, the infusion nurse, who opted not to disclose her identity, said there was nothing she could do to keep the 28-year-year old rapper alive. She also recalled what she heard and saw before she went to the scene of the incident. 

“I live close by and I heard, ‘Pow pow pow pow pow,’ and it stopped and I went, ‘That’s so weird so I got up in my pajamas, go over to the balcony, my neighbors were underneath me. I said ‘Did yall hear that?’  And they said ‘Yeah.’ And I said ‘I don’t think that was a car or firecrackers. That sounded like gunshots,'” she said.

The nurse said she initially chose not to leave her home because she suspected it was an active shooter situation. But she said she heard someone scream after things calmed down. 

“I’m thinking that’s the victim. That’s the person who’s shot,” she recalled. “It sounded like a cry of agony. It was a cry of agony but emotional not physical.”

The nurse said she later got to know the person who screamed was fellow band member and Takeoff’s uncle Quavo. The 31-year-old was said to be asking for assistance as well as an ambulance. And in the wake of his plea, the nurse said she rushed to the scene after she took her equipment from her car. She added that she later got to know the victim was Takeoff.

“You can hear my voice in a video yelling ‘I’m a nurse. No, no, no. I’m a nurse,’ because I wanted to let them know,” she said. “I was scared, but I had to go.”

But she said there was nothing she could do to resuscitate the deceased rapper. “His head was way up and his eyes were rolled back and fixed,” she recalled.  “And I saw a pile of blood behind his head.”

The nurse also told KHOU that she checked the victim’s pulse several times. And though social media users said she should have performed CPR on Takeoff, she said that could have aggravated his condition. 

“Would not be appropriate, especially with a gunshot wound,” she said. “You would never do CPR because you would be circulating the blood and the blood would go right out of the hole.”

The nurse said she commiserates with Takeoff’s family as her son’s age is around that of the deceased rapper. She also said she decided to speak on the incident because she wants “somebody to know that good people sometimes show up, just because.”

And though she had conversations with the Houston Police Department in the wake of the fatal shooting, she said she could not provide any concrete information because she wasn’t at the scene when the shots were fired.

The nurse also said she hopes the person who fatally shot the rapper would be identified by someone who knows him. The fatal incident is currently being investigated by the Houston Police Department. 

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