Poem: The Benediction

Oni Abidemi Martins December 04, 2015


For grandpa Benedict Okoko Ibadeki

Mass of seeds

In the silent nights tarried

Mass of sand

For salient delays arid

The long yearns as on whom to beckon

The long wait where a sojourner must return

The old man goes to ground

The young man goes away

To the silent nights that tarry

To the mass of seeds

To become mass of sand

Sand from which life becomes

Journey of life you sojourned

The celestial, now you ascend

Then this bye I bid

A farewell of benediction

Tarry among the ancestors

Tarry long a victor

O benedict! O benedict!!

Just like your rib

Ascend to the heavenly crib

And remain while I wait my turn

Your absence may be a thorn

For counsels for guide

But a must you glide

As the ages have come a fruition

Thus this farewell of benediction

Make the leaves sprout abundance

And the nightingale sing blessings

Blessings for me a dance

A dance in fortune at your passing

Let the ancestors reckon

And pray for your seeds behind

That your back be scratched with beacon

Yes beacon of good hope to your hind

Bid you farewell of benediction

Benedict we do

Benedict we are without ado

But let the heavenly bless us in succession

While at the edge of the two worlds

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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