Press Release: Association of Nigerian Women Leaders in Diaspora

Sandra Appiah September 12, 2011

ANWLD, a non-charitable organization, made of professional Nigerian women in Diaspora from different ethnic group, working together in unity, for the empowerment of women and children of Nigerian heritage living in Nigeria and around the globe.

Purpose of ANWLD

At ANWLD, our principles set us apart from others, requiring that we think and act differently towards our women and children.  Our principles mark a change of emphasis on how we must behave if we are to succeed in the modern world, embracing greater diversity, giving women and children greater freedom to act and focusing even more on the quality of life for all.

ANWLD’s Goals

ANWLD’s immediate goal is to build a Center for Women & Child Development (“CWCD”)  in all thirty-eight states of Nigeria.  These Centers will be a safe haven for women and children who do not have any recourse for assistance by providing all that is needed for their well being and integration back into society. The CWCD will include health clinics, training centers, provide health /hygiene centers, education and training on HIV/AIDS, war on women trafficking, domestic violence, foster care, and political advocacy, to name but a few.  Our belief is that every woman and child is capable to make a valuable contribution to the society.

In the long-term, ANWLD’s believes in partnering with similar organizations and making inroads into other African nations and beyond.

The Road to Achieving Our Goals

To this end, ANWLD will partner with various States’ Executives to ensure we make an impact on needy women and children around the country.  As such, ANWLD is a relevant organization in the political and social welfare of all Nigerian citizenry. We are non- partisan but promote democracy, good governance, accountability, and rule of law across the globe. We will help to facilitate changes in laws affecting women and children.

Upcoming Convention…

Press Release: Association of Nigerian Women Leaders in Diaspora

Come one, Come all –to  ANWLD Inaugural Convention slated for Nigeria’s Independence weekend, starting Friday, September 30th through Sunday, 2 October 2011.  The Convention will be held at The Hilton Hotel, Rockville, Maryland, U.S.A.

Please visit us at for more information, you can contact Mrs. Rita Amachree, National President and Founder, ANWLD at 202 – 320- 8402 or e-mail

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