Poem: Mother of Humanity

African warriors

Africa, you are the Mother of Humanity

If life and love were as simple as a change of heart, do you think that destiny will mind our Humanity or other races portray us positively?

If lust and lies were as translucid as a change of mind, do you think that our fate will remind us that Black is the cradle of Beauty?

It was not a feeling that was being fought, my Spirit has a Mind that minds our History.

Literal as the thoughts that were first sent about the rebirth of our African entity. Every breath inhaled and exhaled are the epitome of that sentiment; death to genocides, hunger, and poverty.

These words written were all meant to eradicate AIDS, malaria, Ebola, and future atrocities.

Sacrificing the most precious union that has been overshadowing your children — like lent to consider we chose to be One Family.

Our Spirit is torn; indeed, the battle hasn’t been won yet we ought to cultivate this spirit of Unity. To give or to lend or even to have the rules bent abnormally?

The next 300 years will see Africa as the new America and Europe — its foundation will not be slavery!

What if our Soul was after what is God-sent and Heavens and Earth do not have to bet for its certainty and purity?

We did not engage in to this lightly, heavy handed is this poet’s heart and changing Africans to be the Chosen People and mighty.

Tender heart that ought to be seduced with honesty….

You will be celebrated eternally and other nations will finally testify as they are going to be in awe of your glory.

Allow us to go back to the moment we first spoke and how amazing was every exchange that came from me to you and you to me.

You birthed us, you live through us, and we reflect our Ancestors who did not adopt vanity.

Love is simplicity and it has a complex nature — mirrors of one Humanity.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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