Summer Make-Up Tips To Keep You Cute in the Heat

Renarda Joy June 29, 2015

makeupIt’s officially summertime at least by the calendar in New York City! This time of the year it’s time to think of ways to beat the heat.  I usually don’t wear a lot of makeup in fear of it melting off my face.  Today, I want to go over options to help you face the summer.

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First, Skincare!

I pay special attention to both my clients and my skin, especially because  being exposed to the outside elements from the sun can be toxic. For the past few months I’ve incorporated Dermalogica in to my clients’ skincare regimen, and the results are phenomenal!  My clients’ faces look radiant and supple, which makes my make-up application flawless.

I suggest you find your nearest Dermalogica and book an appointment to get skin mapping done to determine which products are good for your skin.


Second, Foundation!

This time of the year I usually opt for minimum coverage using a Beauty Balm cream or a tint
moisturizer.  If you need more coverage, apply pressed powder over the tint moisturizer. I love how Bobbi Brown’s SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer gives lightweight coverage with SPF while it evens out my skin tone.



Here’s a quick tip: Take your favorite moisturizer and add a few drops of your liquid foundation to make your own tint moisturizer.

Make Me Blush

GloIf any of you had an old-school grandmother like me, she used rouge or lipstick to create her blush…and I hated it! But now it’s the icing on the cake!  As a woman of color, I am able to wear just about any color. For the summer, I’ll be rocking colors like corals, bright fuchsia, or papaya from Glo Minerals (pictured).

Please feel free to send any of your beauty questions to me at



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