[Quiz] How well do you know what took place in Africa in 2018?

Nduta Waweru December 15, 2018

Welcome to Face2Face Africa quiz series that tests your knowledge of Africa and anything African. We ask ten questions based on themes ranging from politics, history, geography, culture, entertainment and many more.

Today, we are all about Africa in 2018. Brace yourself, no cheating, get your thinking cap on and test your knowledge of the events that took place in Africa in 2018.

[Quiz] How well do you know what took place in Africa in 2018?


Poll This African president had to make a statement that he was not a clone. From which country is he?


Poll All these African countries except one had or will have a presidential election in 2018. Which country is it?


Poll Africa is set to have the largest solar zone in the world by 2025. True or false?


Poll Two African countries made history by renewing diplomatic relations after 20 years. What are their names?


Poll From which country does the recently-named Miss World Africa hail?


Poll 2018 marked the centennial of the birth one of Africa's famous icons. Who is he?


Poll In which African country does chattel slavery still exists in 2018?


Poll Which East African country lost foreign aid because of its anti-gay stance?


Poll An African president was banned from the U.S. in 2018. Who is he?


Poll From which country does the only female African president, voted in 2018, come?

Click here to see how you performed. Good Luck!

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