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Top Reasons Why African Diaspora Is Returning to Africa in 2016

Mark Babatunde December 27, 2016 at 09:00 am

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Michael Brown Sr.

Michael Brown Sr., yells out as the casket carrying his son is lowered during the funeral service of Michael Brown in Normandy, Missouri, on Monday, August 25, 2014. Photo credit: Daily Mail

Police Violence in America: Is Going ‘Back to Africa’ a Viable Solution?

Another day, another Black life lost in the United States to American police brutality. The killings are both systemic and indicative of culpable government institutions, with not a single officer convicted for the fatal shooting of African Americans in 2015.

The numbers killed are substantial: in October 2016, estimates put the number of innocent Black civilian lives lost to American police brutality at 194.

In July, Face2Face Africa Contributor Deidre Gantt wrote a heartfelt op-ed about the number of African-American lives lost to senseless police shootings even as the voice of the Black Lives Matter Movement grew louder in its demand for justice.

Consequently, Gantt wonders if it is time for the African-American community to call time on their “sojourn” to America and return “home” to Africa.

In her article, Gantt speaks candidly about the challenge of being Black in America and being American in Africa.


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