Seven things you are doing that are ruining your hair


You may be doing everything you can to take care of your hair yet you are not seeing that much growth and shine.

This may be due to certain daily things you do with your hair that are causing harm without you even realizing it.

Here are some of those practices that are destroying your hair:

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Most women can’t do without heating tools like curling and flat irons and hair dryers but these tools can ruin your hair if you use them on a regular basis. They can fry your ends and completely kill your hair. Experts say it is ideal to try gentler methods. Wrapping at night or using satin-covered rollers can give you that curl and volume to your tresses.


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Not trimming

Many of us think that trimming dead ends will affect the length of our hair so we will rather leave a lengthy mane with thin sections that anyone can see through instead of a short but strong and thick hair. The fact is, there are so many good stylists out there who will trim your hair without it affecting its length. Get a trim every six to eight weeks for a healthy hair.


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Too tight braids and ponytails

There is nothing wrong with having that ponytail, especially when it looks good on you but make sure you loosen it before going to bed. Avoid having this same style on almost every day as it can destroy your hair. The same applies to braids. Even though they are protective hairdos, when they are not done properly, they can lead to permanent hair loss. Essentially, your braids shouldn’t be too tight and painful to the extent that you can even see bumps around the hairline.


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Shampooing too often

We all know we need to wash our hair to prevent the build-up of dirt that will affect growth. But experts say that shampooing too often is worse for the hair, especially black hair. “Even if you shampoo the recommended once or twice a week, make sure you’re using gentle cleansers. Avoid any that contain sodium lauryl sulfate; it’s the ingredient that gives shampoo lots of lather, which is perfect for stripping natural oils out,” writes Byrdie.


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Not choosing the right products

If you walk into a shop, and you see a hair product that has petroleum as one of its ingredients, just don’t buy it as such products are not good for you.


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Too much processing

It is best to see a stylist when you want to relax your hair or apply color applications. Doing these things frequently at home can damage your hair. Also, let your fingers do the work when detangling your hair and follow it up with a wide-toothed comb. With this, you are giving your hair that gentle treatment for a healthy growth.


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Having the wrong stylist

You should have an honest stylist. They must know about your specific hair issue. A stylist who knows your hair will be able to give you the best tips to keep it healthy.

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