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BY Francis Akhalbey, 2:30pm October 12, 2018,

Shameless white woman calls police on 9-year old black boy for ‘sexual assault’ [Video]

It just keeps getting worse by the day. Exactly what is it with some conceited and ignorant white people calling the police on black folks for no apparent and stupid reasons?

Seriously though, looking at how fatal some of these incidents have ended, it is really high time white people who make these unsubstantiated calls are held accountable and made to face the full rigours of the law.

For the umpteenth time, a recent video shared on Facebook shows a white woman calling the police on a 9-year old, yes, a 9-year old black boy for allegedly “grabbing her ass” at a store in Brooklyn.

The kid, who was visibly shaken and afraid during the incident was seen clinging to her mom whilst crying.

Unfazed, the white woman told the police the kid “grabbed her ass” and his mom yelled at her when she confronted them. She even went as far as saying the poor soul sexually assaulted her.

Some bystanders and witnesses to the incident expressed their displeasure at her shameful behaviour with one confrontation almost ending with a physical altercation.

The black kid, however, walked away from the incident with his mom before the police arrived (that is if they did).

Take a look at the video below and share with us your thoughts:

This adds up to another equally weird and stupid incident that happened recently where a white woman called the police on a black man hanging out with two white kids he was babysitting.

The incident was captured by the babysitter and shared on his Facebook page with the caption: “This lady from Walmart harassed, followed, & called the cops on me. ALL because I’m black and have 2 white kids with me.”

Take a look at the video below:

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