Simple Ways to Make Your Man smile

Sandra Appiah May 04, 2011

By: Millie Monyo

As women, we shouldn’t turn our noses up at catering to our men. No one is going to give you the world when all you give is half-heartedness. Thoughtfulness is an act of love. It’s not just about sex. If you want a man to stay around, he has to feel special, needed and loved. Here’s a list of 10 ways to make your man smile.

  1.  Be Romantic. Give him presents and sweet cards.
  2.  Kiss him passionately, like you haven’t seen him in a while.
  3.  Always share your joy with him. Always say "I Love You" (if you have reached that point in your relationship) – those three words mean a lot
  4.  Cuddle and give him big hugs
  5.  Always share your joy with him
  6.  Take pictures together and have fun!
  7.  Share your secrets with him
  8.  Pamper him. Guys love being pampered!
  9.  Text him something sweet out of the blue

Try these tips and see if you don’t notice any changes in your relationship.

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