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Azuka onye May 04, 2011

Boxing, Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field; He’s done them all. Vladine Biosse is a multi-sport athlete and a Super Middleweight Champion with a determination that is rarely seen. Born and raised in Cape Verde, right off the Western Coast of Africa, Vladine Biosse shares his recipe for maintaining a healthy lifestyle with F2FA, and also shares his view on why it is extremely important for Diasporic Africans to frequently return back home to Africa.

F2FA: What is your daily regimen? How do you stay fit?

Vladine Biosse: Well, I respect my workouts. You try to get the best out of your workouts whether you’re feeling down or you’re feeling up. You have to take whatever you do seriously and give it your all. Some people, when it hurts they give up so easily. Some workouts might feel a little hard. You have to go in there and give it your best.

F2FA: How often do you workout?

Vladine Biosse: Sometimes I do 2 or 3 times a day depending on what we’ve got going.

F2FA: How does your diet change when you are preparing for a fight?

Vladine Biosse: I try to maintain a healthy diet whether I am fighting or not. I try to eat a lot of fish. I cut off bread. Not too much bread, if at all. I eat the right proportions. I think that’s key to maintaining my weight and my health.

F2FA: Being an African, is it hard to stay away from some of the foods?

Vladine Biosse: It is not hard. The main thing is that I’m doing what I really want to do. To maintain sometimes you have to sacrifice some stuff. You have to give up some things. I am not saying that I stay away from it, you know, completely. I try to respect my body and not indulge myself and go crazy. If I don’t, I have to pay for it at a later date.

F2FA: Besides HIV/AIDS, what do you think is the biggest health crisis facing young men of African descent?

Vladine Biosse: Obesity and diabetes are some of the biggest problems in our community. When it comes down to it the issue is obesity.

F2FA: What would be your best health advice for young professional African men like yourself who want to stay healthy and fit?

Vladine Biosse: Respect yourself. Food is good but you don’t have to eat until you pass out. Eat well. Respect what you put in your body. Whatever you put in your body is what you are. Choose carefully.

F2FA: After living back home in Cape Verde, how would you describe true African life?

Vladine Biosse: It’s a very sensitive subject for me, being an African and being born and raised in Africa and then coming here (U.S.). Dealing with all the stereotypes and what people think. You know because of the way Africa is advertised in the media. A lot of people say, Africa is the mother of all and it’s true. When you go back home it’s a beautiful place. Words can’t describe it. I think that you have to see it with your own eyes. It’s a beautiful place. With the culture, you really learn about yourself and get in tune with yourself while you’re there. I encourage the young Africans, if you get the chance, to go visit. Don’t pass it up. Don’t allow the media and corporate America to feed you your info about Africa.

F2FA: You have a fight coming up on May 6th, how are you preparing for it?

Vladine Biosse: Crazy training. Like I said, I train sometimes 3 times or 2 times a day. A lot of running, strength and conditioning. A lot of sparring and gym work. We recently implemented Yoga into our workouts. The Boston Sport Club is helping us out with some training. It’s nonstop work to reach the ability to be the best that night.

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