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Afrofashionista Male Edition –Yves Gnohoue

By Chioma Chinweoke

Afrofashionista is a new addition to F2FA Africa Fashion which highlights young and hip African professionals with a distinctiive style.

Our first male Afrofashionista goes to Yves Gnohoue, who is making a strong statement in fashion with his unique sense of style.  Born in Togo, West Africa, he is currently a resident of Buffalo, New York.

Afrofashionista Male Edition –Yves Gnohoue

Yves loves fashion, especially modeling. His style motto is Grown and sexy which is apparent from his submissions. Get to know Yves, who has become a “runway animal,” in the following exclusive interview:

F2FA Fashion: How did you develop your sense of fashion and style?

Well I’m a student with a great interest in modeling although I’m in school majoring in health&wellness. I’ve always wondered about modeling but it didn’t really hit me until two years ago when my friends put together a well organized fashion show, which I was glad to be a part of. Ever since then I have developed a strong attachment to modeling. I feel and know modeling is the thing for me because I personally am a shy person and all my friends know this but when I get on the runway all that shyness just disappear and I become this "runway animal" 🙂

F2FA Fashion: How would you describe your sense of style?

My style is somewhat grown and casual, as I don’t like to dress as everyone around me. For the reason that I feel that we all need to express ourselves in a way that we feel best suits us. It’s all about you as an individual to create your own style and thats just what I do when I’m getting ready to dress up.

F2FA Fashion: When you wake up in the morning, do you make an effort to stay fashionable or is it something that comes from within?

Depends how I feel that day, if I just want to look casual I just throw something on but if not, then I have to plan it out a little.

F2FA Fashion: If I were to go to your closet now, what will we see?

You will see dress shirts, short sleeves to ling sleeves. Sweat shirts, v necks of different colors. Then you will see a side that says I’m just feeling like throwing anything on. Same goes for shoes from Lauren to puma, to dress.

F2FA Fashion: What are your top five style pieces that you cannot live without?

I can’t leave the house without throwing on my Africa chain, that’s a must for me as I can ever not represent. Scarfs, watch and I’m good.

F2FA Fashion: What’s your style motto?

Grown and sexy.

Afrofashionista Male Edition –Yves Gnohoue

F2FA Fashion: What’s the one style piece that you cannot live without?

My scarf.

F2FA Fashion: Are you up with African fashion? If so who are your favorite African fashion designers?

Don’t know anyone in specific but I love african fashion wear, culture mixed with style you cannot lose that. I love my Africa wears. Planning on getting some stuff made soon. 🙂

 That’s to our Afrofashionista, Yves Gnohoue.

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