BY Ama Nunoo, 3:39pm March 09, 2020,

Take a look at some of the funniest ‘Flip the Switch’ videos

If you’re very active on social media, then it’s highly likely you’ve either chanced upon videos of people participating in the ‘Flip the Switch’ challenge or seen the words trending.

A viral trend, which was started on fast-rising video sharing platform TikTok, sees two or more people dancing to Drake’s hit song, Nonstop. As the first two lines of the song come up, the participants, in another video reel, ‘magically’ exchange clothing and mimic what the other was doing in the first cut.

A very hilarious frenzy, the challenge has seen several participants – both young and old – coming out with their own creative versions.

With the challenge being one of the trending things on social media at the moment, Nsuri shares with you some of the funniest.

Take a look at them and don’t laugh too hard!





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