The 12-year-old Georgia boy running two business 

Abu Mubarik October 11, 2022
Photo: 11Alive

Many at his age would probably be fixated on video games and cartoons. However, Demetrius Purvis II is already an accomplished entrepreneur with two businesses to his credit. He owns his own clothing line and air fresheners. 

His venture into entrepreneurship is not only turning heads but has also drawn commendation from people older than him, some even qualify to be his parent(s). “People older than me have their own business, and I’m only 12 having my own business,” he told 11Alive.

According to 11Alive, Purvis’ latest venture started during the pandemic. He has released a book titled “All Through the Game,” which has been described as “a rhythmic adventure that will have readers moving and singing.” 

The children’s book will help children with motor and interpersonal skills and is to be read to the tune of “Wheels on the Bus.”  Purvis II’s mother, Calnetra, tells 11Alive that her son has always had the passion to be an author, adding that the passion picked up during the pandemic.

“He actually started at age 9, two years ago. I would see him draw football men. He would draw helmets and the football itself,” she said.

Purvis has other interests and skills. He’s an athlete, running and doing 200 push-ups a day to remain in shape for his favorite sport: football.

The Henry County boy wants to be an NFL player and a business owner. The multi-sport athlete is a star wide receiver and quarterback and has demonstrated these skills early on.  

He told 11Alive, “I got five touchdowns in a game when I was five years old.”

Purvis has even received the backing of his coach at Georgia Elite Sports Academy. “He’s a total player, a great teammate,” football coach Eddie Grant said. “He’s very focused, laser-focused, very humble, but a student of the game. He wants to always be better.”

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