2018 in Review January 02, 2019 at 07:00 am

The kids who went viral in 2018 for the right reasons

Mildred Europa Taylor | Head of Content

Mildred Europa Taylor January 02, 2019 at 07:00 am

January 02, 2019 at 07:00 am | 2018 in Review

Nicholas Buamah’s book has been accepted into the Library of Congress. Pic credit: Black Enterprise

Nicholas Buamah

Not many seven-year-olds write books, let alone have them added to the Library of Congress’s collection, but Nicholas Buamah accomplished that feat this December with his book: “Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day.”

This is the first in a series of books written to help elementary children expand their vocabularies. Buamah, a 7-year-old Georgia native is the author of the book that is currently being sold at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon. The second grader is keen on becoming a mechanical engineer in future but he has not thrown away the value of vocabulary and communication to his success. 


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