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These African dictators had the longest and weirdest titles in the world

Farida Dawkins | Contributor

Farida Dawkins June 07, 2018 at 03:41 pm

June 07, 2018 at 03:41 pm | News

Yahya Jammeh…The Independent

Yahya Jammeh

Yahya Jammeh or Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh was the president of Gambia from 1996 to 2017. In addition, he was a politician and military officer.

In 1994, Jammeh along with four Army officers formed a coup against Dawda Jawara.

Jammeh’s presidency was tainted with student massacres, unfair imprisonment, disappearances, embezzlement and witch hunts.

A self-declared medical professional, Jammeh has claimed to have cures for HIV/AIDS, asthma, high blood pressure and infertility.

In a statement released on June 16, 2015, from the State House in the Gambia, Jammeh wished to be addressed as: “His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Doctor Yahya Abdul-Aziz Awal Jemus Junkung Jammeh Naasiru Deen Babili Mansa.”

In 2014 he ceased using Babili Mansa which is a Mandinka name meaning Bridge Builder or Conqueror of Rivers.

In the Gambia, Jammeh is nicknamed “Papa Don’t Take No Mess.”


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