These female Instagram food influencers are graciously whetting our appetites and we love it

Photo via @stovetopkisses on Instagram

It can most definitely be said that food influencers on social media have, in recent times, become trustworthy and authoritative sources of new ingredients and cooking methods.

Followers and non-followers alike go to them when looking at improving their culinary skills, trying out something new in the kitchen or just looking for eateries that serve the most delicious meals while getting value for money.

Be it serving us with new and ingenious recipes, checking out restaurants or even street food vendors who unbeknownst may have the best meals, their recommendations and culinary tutorship are always spot on.

Among the wide variety of food influencers on Instagram are black ladies who are also staking a claim as the best go-to sources for anything food. Thanks to their exceptional expertise, they have successfully built amazing brands with a loyal following.

With their popularity on the ascendancy, Nsuri spotlights these black Instagram female food bloggers who are whetting our appetites one post at a time.

Check them out below:

@followmygut (Danielle N. Salmon)

The Los Angeles native, who has a master’s degree in psychology, created her restaurant discovery blog, Follow My Gut, to introduce people to “eateries — as well as some they may have forgotten.”

@stovetopkisses (Danni Rose)

Rose’s passion for cooking started at a very young age. According to her website, the self-taught cook from Birmingham, Alabama “enjoys cooking southern comfort food and believes food should not only nourish your body and soul but create and trigger memories that will last a lifetime.”

@iamericabarrett (Erica Barrett)

The very popular Atlanta chef has been featured in Oprah’s 2016 Favorite Things, Shark Tank and Good Morning America. She is the CEO of Southern Culture Artisan Foods and the owner of SOCU Kitchen & Oyster Bar, a Southern Kitchen and Oyster Bar in Mobile, Alabama.

@evseats (Evi Aki)

The popular foodie runs a blog where she shares recipes for some of her amazing dishes. Currently residing in Los Angeles, she also samples food from restaurants in the city as well as any other place she travels to.

@grandbabycakes (Jocelyn Delk Adams)

The popular baker and chef has featured on TODAY, Good Morning America, Food Network and the Cooking Channel. She has a cookbook that shares the recipes of some of her trademark pastries and dishes.

Last Edited by:Ama Nunoo Updated: February 4, 2021


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