These five ‘gangsta’ slaves made some of the most daring escapes we’ll never forget

Mildred Europa Taylor February 12, 2020
Robert Smalls was an enslaved man who courageously sailed to freedom and became a U.S. Congressman

For many people, the disturbing history of the slave trade brings to mind the horrifying experiences enslaved Africans had to go through while working on plantations in the Americas and other parts of the world.

Africans were, for centuries, captured and chained down, forced onto ships and taken into new lands against their will. Some even died before getting to their new homes due to the awful experiences on the ships that packed them like spoons, with no room even to turn.

For those who survived, it was the start of several hours of work on large plantations with little to eat and with never having to forget their status as property.

But the slaves did not simply accept their fate without protest. Slave rebellions were at the time known, while the following risked it all to escape to freedom in some daring and ingenious ways:

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