This 23-year-old owns 11 homes worth millions of dollars but still works 9 to 5 supermarket job

Abu Mubarik June 06, 2024
Photo: Instagram/akejuinvests

Get to know Ayobami Akeju; he is a 23-year-old with a portfolio worth £1.2 million ($1.5 million). According to Absolutely Business, he has 11 properties across the UK.

The supermarket worker has homes in Hull, East Yorkshire and Carlisle; he has purchased seven properties in the latter. Each home ranges in value from $121,000 to $281,000. Akeju bought his first property in 2022 after working three day jobs at Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Kaplan Care, a care home company, as well as moonlighting at Amazon.

“I remember in 2021, while working at Sainsbury’s during the day I did night shifts at Amazon. And there was a period I went three days straight without sleeping,” he told Absolutely Business. “This journey has been extremely tough but I’d do it all again. I look back fondly at every job I have ever worked at, no matter how difficult it may have been.”

Despite his investments, Akeju is a warehouse worker at Sainsbury’s. Originally from Dartford, Kent, he attributes his success to living a frugal lifestyle and remaining disciplined.

“I have not treated myself to anything; I live very frugally and remain highly disciplined,” Akeju stressed. “When I was 20 I made a three, five and 10-year plan, which I will not deviate from. I still have my day job at Sainsbury’s, where I work 40 hours a week.”

Akeju says the management of the supermarket chain in south east London has been flexible with his work schedule and very supportive of his growing business.

“I’m here to do whatever is required of me to win and make the future versions of myself proud of the work that past and present me did. For me, age 20 to age 25 is the season to work like hell, block out all the noise, distractions, and temptations,” he said.

But the journey towards becoming a real estate entrepreneur has not been easy. Akeju suffers from migraines and is often under pressure due to his intense workload. However, he has turned his pennies into pounds by working with private investors, Absolutely Business wrote.

“I’ve been able to grow quickly by working with private investors who invest into my property deals for a return on their money. As opposed to leaving their funds sat in the bank, which would decrease in value due to inflation. To date, I have raised £828,000 of investment for my property deals,” he said.

Despite owning 11 properties at just 23, Akeju said he is not done.

“I have goals I’m working towards, which I’m very far from, so in my mind I have still achieved nothing. The work never ends, I am on a mission,” said the supermarket worker.

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