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This black ‘hairpreneur’ has found a way to regrow all your lost baby hairs

Photo: Hairocracy

Everyone wants to look nice and people’s appearances matter to them a lot. For some their hair is instrumental to their overall aesthetics so hair loss is an ongoing conversation and many entrepreneurs are looking for cost effective solutions to this problem.

In the black community, baby hairs or the edges of hair play a crucial role in hair styling. People invest in edge control gels, brushes and serums to keep their edges intact.

However, there are some protective styling hairdos that put a strain on the edges of the hair, so they end up falling off. As a result, some people cannot seem to regrow their edges anymore and it may be that their hair follicles might need a boost.

Haircare entrepreneur, Taja Cawley, founder of Hairocracy has a new product and the only one of its kind on the market by a black entrepreneur, that may be the ideal solution for your hairline.

This black 'hairpreneur' has found a way to regrow all your lost baby hairs
The GrowCap, Photo: Hairocracy

Hairocracy’s Edge control device has two protypes, the Edge control regrow brush and the GrowCap. Both products have Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) meant to stimulate the scalp and as result help in the growth of hair.

The LLLT in the Edge Control Brush targets the small spaces at the hairline and works its magic by rejuvenating the hair follicles.  While the GrowCap, which comes with a bigger price tag comes in two strengths.

Depending on how fast you want your hair to grow, there is the option of going for a 148 Diodes cap or a 272 Diodes cap. The higher the Diodes the faster the results.

The devices work together with a natural organic serum specifically made to speed up hair growth. In addition to the devices, the company has a line of Tea Tree Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner that also aids in hair growth.

This black 'hairpreneur' has found a way to regrow all your lost baby hairs
The Edge Control Brush, Photo: Hairocracy

Hairocracy is a holistic company for haircare. The firm sells hair extensions, male wigs and toupees, beard care products, hair care and styling products, and many other beauty accessories.

Cawley has a whole line for men who battle with hair loss and beard care products as well. The Hairocracy Human Hair Durable Hairpieces Lace Thin PU Replacement System For Men Toupees is a best seller and giving men dealing with hair loss hope and confidence.

The product caters to the average black man with kinky hair as well as other hair textures. There are four different sizes, giving the men a variety to choose from. Same goes for their high quality hair extensions and wigs for women.

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