‘You’ll never want to leave’ – American author Boyce Watkins ‘warns’ African-Americans on his visit to Ghana

Michael Eli Dokosi December 13, 2019
Dr. Boyce Watkins with son on the right in Ghanaian traditionally garb via Instagram

Ghana’s Year of Return call for people in the diaspora and those with Ghanaian heritage to visit the country, tour its tourism sites and economically invest has fallen on warm hearts and minds.

A long list of notables from America have been in the West African country beginning from the later period of 2018 through this year. From comic Steve Harvey, actor Samuel L. Jackson, rapper T.I., Akon to Kofi Kingston, they’ve all been here having sober reflections as well as a swell time.

Not to be outdone, Dr. Boyce D. Watkins, the American author, economist, political analyst and social commentator is in Ghana to touch base, but critically to also do business.

According to Dr. Watkins, he is spending about 11 days in the country exploring economic opportunities and to also hold discussions with President Akufo-Addo.

The former member of the finance faculty at Syracuse University could not help but be impressed with what he is experiencing in the West African country, the first to gain independence in sub-Saharan Africa.

He submitted in a video: “I want to give a warning about Ghana that I want everybody to heed. This is for only intelligent black people. If you come to Ghana and you are here for more than 30 minutes, you will never want to come back to the United States ever again.”

Making his case even more, Watkins who also provides regular financial advice to a largely African American audience, said “if your black butt comes to Ghana and you get here and you see the amazing weather, the beautiful black people; when you see all the black businesses, all the love, beautiful black women, the amazing black people, warm spirit of the Ghanaian people, you will never return to Donald Trump.”

An advocate of African-Americans considering their financial independence as part of their spiritual and social independence, Dr. Watkins observed a lot of African-Americans put up with the bulls**t  in the U.S. because they think it’s the only option they have, noting “Ghana might be my favorable country.”

Dr. Watkins has been a keen observer who has pointed out subliminal messages against African history and exploits deployed in adverts and in media interviews taking on white culprits as well as black entertainers used to further the ends of the oppressor.


He slammed the sportsgear firm Adidas for its JS Roundhouse Mid shoe created with a shackle design.

Watkins criticized Mountain Dew for approving what he dubbed to be ‘the most racist commercial in history'”, created by Tyler, The Creator. He also slammed the beverage company for paying rapper Lil Wayne a lucrative endorsement deal following his derogatory lyrics about Civil Rights icon Emmett Till. Mountain Dew was forced to pull the series of commercials created by Tyler, the Creator, and pulled the plug on Lil Wayne’s lucrative endorsement deal.

Watkins also joined hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons to co-author a letter urging President Barack Obama to put an end to Ronald Reagan’s War on Drugs. The letter acquired more than 175 signatures from celebrities, activists, business and thought leaders, and scholars. Simmons and Watkins outlined specific programs the president could enforce to put an end to the War on Drugs, including supporting the Youth Prison Reduction through Opportunities, Mentoring, Intervention, Support, and Education (Youth PROMISE) Act; forming a panel to review requests for clemency that come to the Office of the Pardon Attorney; and increasing transitioning programs for released inmates. Following the release of the letter, President Obama declared an end of the War on Drugs with strategies to treat addictions and diverting non-violent drug offenders into treatment instead of prisons.”

Dr. Watkins is on his Ghana tour with serial business founder Michael V. Roberts who upon making his early cash selling African dashikis (shirts) and other African imports to stores set up a consultancy firm with his brother Steve, expanding into the real estate, wireless communication and broadcasting fields.

Michael V. Roberts and Steve Roberts are responsible for 34 businesses they’ve birthed. Michael now serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of the ‘Roberts Companies’ while Steve serves as the president and chief operating officer.

An Instagram post shows Michael V. Roberts as well as Dr. Boyce Watkins with his son birthed to him in college and whose introduction into his life marked a turnaround for the better in his academic life are all part of the Diaspora Royal Family in Ada – an area in the Dangme East District of Ghana located in the eastern part of the Greater Accra Region.

In villages or towns across Ghana, traditional chiefs are the leaders the people under their territory look up to for cultural guidance alongside functionaries of the state. Noteworthy people outside that territory can be made a development chief if they have played a part in lifting the fortunes of the people. And it does appear Roberts has been enstooled as an economic chief or king of Ada on December 12.

The St. Louis, Missouri native will be expected to help the natives with developmental projects as he amply demonstrated in his hometown where he with his family invested funds to acquire property and let out to businesses to resuscitate the economic life of the area.

Last Edited by:Kent Mensah Updated: December 13, 2019


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