This Jamaican school with 30 sets of twins allows parents to pay the fees for just one sibling

Francis Akhalbey January 25, 2024
Jamaica’s Old Harbour High School has 30 sets of twins and a set of triplets -- Photo via the Associates Times

Jamaica’s Old Harbour High School has made a name for itself for having a large number of twins enrolled there. Known as the “School of twins”, the educational institution boasts 30 sets of twins and a set of triplets, the Associates Times reported.

The fee payment package for parents whose enrolled children are twins is also unique, with the school’s principal Linto Weir explaining that they are made to cover the cost of just one of the pair.

“Let us say, for example, school fees, we ask them just to pay for one of them, Examination fee, we try to fees, we try to meet them, and they pay for one,” Weir explained. Concerning triplets, Weir said they allow parents to cover the cost for two.

The principal also said he had never come across such a huge number of twin students in his nearly 30-year career.

“So over the years, we have seen many twins, but it’s the first we’re seeing this magnitude in terms of number. When I worked at Teishos Golan before, Teishos Golan had quite a number of twins as well,” he stated. “And when you look at Teishos Golan, Teishos Golan is only 12 miles from Old Harbour School. So I am not too sure what it is within this environment itself that would have allowed for us to have so many twins.”

Weir said that though there are challenges with regard to catering to such students, the school, through policy amendments, has found a solution.

The principal also touched on academic performances, stating: “Normally, you would find one challenge and one who is very academically good.”

“But that set, it was both of them,” he said, referring to a set of twin boys who confused a teacher. “But we served them and we had to have a serious partnership with the parents to the point where the parents had to come in on a weekly basis to sit in the classroom with those boys.”

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