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Three events that prove Zambia – or Chambia – is China’s first African colony

Ismail Akwei October 03, 2018 at 11:00 am

October 03, 2018 at 11:00 am | Opinions & Features

Zambia’s state-owned newspaper publishes an article in Chinese language Mandarin.

State-owned Times of Zambia newspaper made matters worse when they published an article in the Chinese language Mandarin for its millions of readers who speak either English or the over half a dozen official languages of Zambia.

The Chinese article was titled ‘We’ve still got it’ and it was written by one Steven Zande. It is reported that the article was a translation of the English version of a story on the front page about President Edgar Lungu’s vow to uphold national interests in his dealings with foreign investors.

The article created the expected uproar and outrage especially when the public was dealing with the fear of a takeover.

The Information Minister and chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya quickly explained on Twitter that the Chinese story was a business strategy to increase revenue and tap into the Chinese advertising market.

“Times of Zambia aiming to increase revenue by targeting Chinese market. Today’s edition has a Chinese version of top story. They want to tap into Chinese advertising. Who moved my cheese? Times of Zambia responding,” she tweeted.

This is a bit unsettling as African independence leaders invited the Chinese to invest in the continent when the Asian giant was also struggling at the time. Their recent massive interest in Africa is showing how weak the continent is and the massive losses that will come from some of the partnerships.

If the media goes in that direction, then the Chinese will control information, education and entertainment as their government does in Beijing and all of China.


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