[Today in History] Nelson Mandela inaugurated as first black President of South Africa

Francis Akhalbey May 10, 2018
Photo Credit: nelsonmandela.org

On this day in 1994, Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the first black democratic President of South Africa. The event, which took place in Pretoria was attended by thousands of guests from far and wide and was viewed by millions globally.

Two weeks earlier, the county held its first democratic all-inclusive election signalling the end of apartheid rule. Millions of South Africans queued for several hours to cast their votes and be a part of history.

South Africa underwent a major democratic transformation in the five years the late Nelson Mandela ruled as president. Mandela’s first task was to develop a new constitution that would guarantee peace and freedom for all.

He was also tasked with restructuring the country’s civil service and redirecting national priorities to address the effects of apartheid.

The former president led the formation of a truth and reconciliation commission, which was mandated to investigate past injustices and recommend steps necessary to reconcile the country.

Many political experts see Mandela’s reign as a lesson on governance and the foundation for Africa’s recent growth and prosperity.

His rule is viewed as an example to leaders, especially African leaders, many of whom have allowed their hunger for power to trigger endless bloodshed and a divided continent.

To commemorate this day, Face2Face Africa shares with you a video of his historic inauguration speech.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: May 10, 2018


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