True life KKK movie starring Usher and Forest Whitaker set for release

Francis Akhalbey June 19, 2019

Burden, a true life kkk story based on Andrew Heckler’s Southern, 1990s drama which was premiered at Sundance in 2018 and the Nantucket Film Festival has been picked up by 101 Studios with a limited theatre release set for November 1 and followed with a rollout, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Starring Forest Whitaker, Usher and Garrett Hedlund, the movie, according to IMDb follows the life of Mike Burden (Hedlund), a KKK member and owner of a Redneck Shop and KKK museum in Laurens, South Carolina. Burden falls in love with a single mom who manages to convince him to part ways with the klan. He is then taken in by an African American reverend played by Forest Whitaker.

True life KKK movie starring Usher and Forest Whitaker set for release
Burden — Hollywood Reporter/ 101 Studios

“Even though it was written over 20 years ago, unfortunately, Burden is more timely than ever. Now in a time when the world has become so polarized and divided by ethnicity, race and religion, Burden can deliver a powerful message of how extremes can join together to overcome and resolve our differences and hatred through love and tolerance,” said writer and director Andrew Heckler in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter.

Other cast members in the movie include Dexter Darden, Tom Wilkinson, Andrea Riseborough, Crystal R. Fox and Tess Harper.

Popularly known as the KKK, the Ku Klux Klan was a secret society started in the U.S.A. in 1865 at the time when many slaves were gaining their freedom, revolting, and had the opportunity to migrate. The mission of the Ku Klux Klan was simple, to maintain white dominance and suppress the black race by all means possible or to wipe the U.S.A clean of the black race by all means possible and begin a worldwide wipeout.

When slaves were given their freedom, the KKK embarked on a mission to kill African Americans or force them back into their plantations. Members of the Klan are noted to be wealthy whites with influence in high position offices giving reason to why the Klan has not been successfully destroyed.

After a while, despite several run-ins with the law, the KKK managed to have a proper grounding within the USA with several members who openly started to recruiting members in other parts of the world including Europe, Canada and Australia.

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