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Viral YouTube dating show contestant says he was fired from plumbing job after appearing on the show 

Aaron told the host that he was searching for a woman who 'wasn't promiscuous and had a profession going for her. Photo Credit: Twitter/YouTube

A plumber only identified as Aaron stunned the women auditioning for a popular YouTube dating show, as well as their online following. The 29-year-old candidate became popular after his debut appearance on the 11th episode of Arlette Amuli’s dating show, “Pop The Balloon Or Find Love,” but he recently disclosed on social media that he was dismissed from his plumbing job following the event.

Published on Wednesday, June 12, Pop The Balloon Or Find Love shows a line of females being presented to a man, and if they aren’t interested in him, they will pop their balloons.

Aaron told the host that he was searching for a woman who wasn’t promiscuous and had a profession going for her. He next spoke to a woman named Karma, who instantly burst her balloon after he added that being “not cleanly” was a significant “dealbreaker” for him.

The 24-year-old woman said she wasn’t “fully attracted” to him, and Aaron responded, “The feeling is definitely mutual so that’s OK, you did me a favor.”

Another woman named Tara, 22, said she didn’t appreciate the way Aaron had spoken to Karma. This drove the bachelor to reply, “If I saw you in public, I wouldn’t reach out to you.” Subsequently, he confronted other women who rejected him, resulting in putdowns.

In the end, he left the dating program with a 23-year-old woman named Esther, despite enduring numerous balloon pops and conflicts of opinion.

The YouTube video, which Aaron bemoaned was the reason he was fired, has since received over 1.5 million views and gone viral across X.

Taking to social media, he wrote, “All this clout chasing got me fired from work. Man I really love plumbing and I’m good at it & they got that taken away from me. Y’all are sick they called the company 500xs and are messing up business.”

His post sparked a controversy among netizens in the comments. While some spoke out against the unfair treatment and pushed him to use it as an opportunity to start his own business, others ridiculed him and aired their feelings about his behavior.

One commenter said, “Keep your head up king. Go into business for yourself. Don’t let this minor setback dictate what happens next. Stay out these streets and stay on the track you started on,” and another teased, “Well go pull that 100K out the bank you were bragging about.”

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