BY Oni Abidemi Martins, 6:24pm July 31, 2015,

Poem: Will and Surrender

Warrior poems

Until Caesar re-awakens

I will to Brutus speak venom aching

Until hope no longer beckons

Until the sun quakes apart from reckons

Will my tongue from its roof spit

That is, profess truth from its enclave

Saga giantly than the proud oceans rave

Will I today give with enormity

Until a saro-wiwa resurrect

Will I emit fire, till another twilight

Truth commonly soul-spaded

Daggered in its bitter benign throat

Choked and drained of green growth

Spates of necessity in to its mouth locked

Forever there decked

Will I speak volume

Of the mind-searing malignancy

Of the resisting elephants by the market shot

Of infested kills inside proclaimed decency

Does mouth not cease to surrender

Failure of the whimsical pretenders

Let ozuluonye from miles hear my creed

Rejection of your word

Have I failed heed

My decision with thee I plead

Knowledge I possess

Of your concern and protective deed

That which from Mothers proceed

But a must they feel it a nailing bar

Deep on their forehead a mar

To impede evil

Which they bred like forever

Should I fail to unveil this

Like a very bitter rhapsody

What if I die before the rose blossoms?

Who tells the tales of heads gruesome?

Thus my cross this era shall be

To pave a way to rise

For days of ashabi

After my demise

Many while to come and it shall be

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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