Poem: A Woman’s Love

Victhur Ihuka August 03, 2015

African love

Grab a seat my son
Let me tell you about a woman’s love.
Old lonesome men of ages past have fought wars;
Loosing life and limb
All for a woman’s love

Many a men assume they understand  a woman’s love.
But I tell you son:
nothing runs deeper nor is there anything stronger
than a woman’s love.

It is your right of passage,
Warmth when you’re cold,
Strength when you’re weak,
Hope when despair beckons

When life doesn’t make any sense
It is the only thing that makes sense
I have been to the ends of the earth
And I tell you this from my heart:

Nothing else compares to a woman’s love

I tell you this my son
Your life is incomplete without a woman’s love
It is enduring and forgiving and exhilarating
Never take it for granted
When you are given the rare opportunity
To experience a woman’s love

Grab a seat my son

Let me tell you about a  woman’s love.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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