Watch: 2-year-old goes viral for solving difficult math problems most people need calculators for 

Dollita Okine December 22, 2023
People are amazed by Devan's ability to swiftly complete math equations that most people require calculators to solve. Photo Credit: TikTok, devanlovesnumbers

Devan, a 2-year-old boy, has the internet in awe of his brilliant mind. Due to his arithmetic abilities, the child, also known as Baby Dev, has amassed an audience of about 943.7K followers on TikTok and Instagram.

According to Blavity, his parents originally shared a video of him solving a variety of math equations to demonstrate how much he adores numbers. People are amazed by Devan’s ability to swiftly complete math equations that most people require calculators to solve.

Some of his fans commended his ability with comments like, “Bro being teaching me maths for the past days.”

Another said, “I can’t believe I’m watching this with a calculator.”

His videos piqued the interest of singer and media personality Kelly Clarkson, who wanted to interview him and his father, Duane, on her talk program.

When the singer questioned Duane when Devan’s obsession with numbers began, the father said that they saw the child taking to numbers while watching TV, and it was confirmed his son had a fascination with numbers immediately he shouted his first word, which wasn’t “mama” or “dada.”

“At four months old, we started showing Devan numbers and we noticed when we would change the channel on the shows, he would start to cry and when we would change it back, he would stop crying. And also his first word was seven and so we thought that was pretty cool,” Duane said to Clarkson on a video call with Baby Dev sitting on his lap.

He also noted that when Baby Dev was 1 year old, they “bought him a writing tablet and we’d practice writing numbers from one to 100 by holding his hands and saying it out loud, so soon after that, he was able to write numbers all on his own.”

Clarkson rewarded them with $1,000 “just for being rad” via her show’s season-long partner, Pilot Pen, for their appearance. 

There is no disputing that Baby Dev has a bright future ahead of him, thanks to his parents’ nurturing of his love of arithmetic.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: December 22, 2023


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