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Watch Stormzy hilariously get grilled by students of his former primary school

Screenshot via Noisey on YouTube

A visit by British-Ghanaian Grime rapper Stormzy to his alma matter might have turned out to be what he least expected as he was hilariously grilled by 6 and 7-year-olds!

Making the trip to Kensington Avenue School in Croydon, the Heavy is the Head rapper was asked a series of interesting and no holds barred questions by the kids in Year 3.

From the onset of the “interrogation,” you could see the cute little children had properly prepared to meet their senior.

“Why do you not like Boris Johnson?” one kid asked.

“Boris is a very very bad man,” he replied. “You know like the Big Bad Wolf? He’s going to come down and blow your house down.”

From politics, the kids eventually switched to something more personal – his dislike for wastemen.

“Why do you not like wastemen? They come every Wednesday and do a good job,” one of the kids asked.

Unable to hold his laughter, he said: “I like those men who come on Wednesday to take your waste.”

“The wastemen I’m talking about are people who waste your time. That’s who we don’t like.”

Take a look at the video below and the kids’ reaction when he told them he’s an old student. He also had to explain why he knows so many bad words and choose who he’d like to snog between Ed Sheeran and Nicki Minaj!

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