What’s life without rum and reggae? Here are 5 more things the world should be grateful to the Caribbean for

Ama Nunoo October 06, 2020
More Caribbean islands detail reopening plans: Travel Weekly
Photo: Travel Weekly

Preserving the climate

Industrialization is destroying our world and the ozone layer is fast depleting, causing rapid climate change which in turn will have adverse effects on the world. If there is one region that has maintained its natural habitat and caused less harm to the earth, then it is the Caribbean.

Of the 700 plus islands of the Caribbean, only a meager 2% has human settlers on them. Wild flora and wildlife own the remaining 92% of the Caribbean. 

Montserrat is the island with the least number of people. It has just 5,000 inhabitants, according to the United Nations’ 2019 mid-year population count.


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