‘Why do you hate so much?’ – Black man questions white woman who called him N-Word

Michael Eli Dokosi August 12, 2020
Screenshot via Instagram

The power play in America allows white people to call the police on their black counterparts to cower them, which in several instances have led to police brutality and death without much consequence to the officers.

Another episode played out in San Bernardino County, California when a white woman called the police on a black man for parking in a space reserved for residents in her living complex.

The incident captured on video showed the woman calling the black man the N-word. “San Bernardino Senior Racist Karen, Shame On The City Of Highland, CA,” was how Instagram user Mr. Carter captioned the clip when he shared.

With the young black male asking the unidentified woman “Why are you so hostile?” she responded, “You’re not supposed to be illegally parking,” adding, she had the “constitutional right to freedom of speech” as she defended her use of the N-word.

She added: “You’re stealing from me,” stressing, “I don’t have to leave America to go to Africa. You guys need to leave Africa to come to America.” It’s unclear how parking in a space is related to theft.

But the man was not going down quietly, when he responded: “No, you all took us from Africa and brought us here.… You hate Mexicans, but every street out here is named a Latin name. You are all so hateful. Why do you hate so much?”

He continued: “We don’t need hatred in the world. There’s enough of that going on. You’re older. I’m a young man. I probably can’t get through to you. But if I can get through to one person, you can maybe get through to 10 people…. It’s easier to love.”

It turned out “the man was picking up his two sons from his aunt’s house and began to fix the car seats for them when the “Karen” (name given white women when they act racist or privileged) parked behind his car, prohibiting him from leaving.”

Eventually, a black police officer responded to the woman’s complaint, whereupon the black man filming questioned the woman if she reckoned the police officer was also an n-word to which she replied “Nope.”

It’s unclear San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office position on the matter.

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Shame On The City Of Highland, CA

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